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We have been serving the needs of discriminating customers for more than a quarter of a century. Browse our on-line catalog and use our secure ordering feature with confidence.

Plate Block Value Of The Week

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Scott #: 715 - Feature
Description: Scott No. 715 is the ten cent value from the Washington Bicentennial series of 1932. Four stamps are XF NH having a Scott value of $60.00.One of the four is a plate number single too!
Price: $19.95

Own A Piece Of American History

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Scott #: 671 - History
Description: Scott No. 671 is the two cent Nebraska Overprint issue of 1929. Perfs touch design and it is LH. Scott value $60.00.
Price: $13.88

Click here to receive it FREE with a $20 Stamp Order

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Scott #: 2445 -8 Free
Description: Scott No. 2445-8. This popular setenant was issued in March of 1990. It honors Classic Films and was an immediate hit with collectors. You can have it FREE with a $20 stamp order. Scott value $6.50. NOT VALID IN CONJUNCTION WITH ANY OTHER SPECIAL OFFER.
Price: $0.00